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f5 Savannah Kittens....


Yendi is one of my newest girls at Wyldthingz and I am so pleased to have her, she is an F4 from Kiwanga in Germany. I have had two Kiwanga cats over the years and others related. I love their size, type, and overall looks. These kittens are going to be outstanding. Zak is their father

Kiwanga Yendi- mother


Gold Girl #1


$2500 as a pet.

This girl is my favorite in the litter. She will just fall asleep in your arms even at this age.


Gold Girl #2


$2500 as a pet.

Pretty spotted girlie


Gold Boy


Very servally in color with a nicely placed earset.

This boy is going to be NICE and has the best hallmarks

of a WYLDTHINGZ and Kiwanga combined in one package.



AVAILABLE $2000 as a pet.

Melanistic girl and the most outgoing already.



Kittens come with Vaccines, Worming, and Spay and Neuter option for older kits.

Kittens are available at 10 weeks old for local pickup and 12 weeks for air transport. Shipping within the US and Canada

(Some generations of savannahs are not legal in some states so please check local laws)



For further information, Please Contact Kelly Sheppard : 707.315.8619