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Common Savannah Questions and Info ...

Are all Savannahs BIG?..

Savannah Size is based on generation (F1, F2, F3). These typically tend to be bigger, HOWEVER there can be large and small savannahs in each generation. Males are typically twice the size of a female on average.

ARE Savannahs aggressive toward other cats, small dogs, and kids?

No, they won't eat your chihuahua! Because of their exotic looks they often get labled as "wild" tempered but if they are raised correctly with lots of socialization when small, they are excellent pets with children, dogs, etc.

How active are they?

Very- they are like a toddler that is into everything. If you have a designer home with delicate furnishings and knick-nacks, then the Savannah WON'T fit into your decor.

I want to let my cat outside- is that okay? After all, all the neighbors let their cats out?

Savannahs are bold and inquisitive. They wander, get in trouble, and get killed. They make very bad outdoor cats unless you have a safe outdoor enclosure.

What is F1, F2, F3?

This is the filial generations or in other words, first generation to the serval, second generation to the serval, etc with "lower" generations being higher numbers (F6, F7).

Do pet males spray?

Altered (neutered) males will not spray or pee inappropriately if raised in a clean environment. Any adult cat, Savannah or not, can start "marking" usually do to some behaviorial issue that can be worked through.



I really want to breed my pet if I pay that much for it?

Breeding is a complicated undertaking and you should do some research and devote some to do it well. If you love your pet, their temperament will change as a breeder and sometimes won't be the best pet (spraying, marking, escaping etc). That is the price paid for being a breeder. :(

What should I look for when purchasing a savannah?

Because Savannahs are very expensive, they have unfortunately have become prey to profit breeders and pet brokers who have to sell quantity to support expensive advertizing and marketing. Once the kitten is sold, the buyer receives very little advice or assistence from the "breeder". The buyer doesn't know what sort of conditions the parents are living in or has little background information on the kitten. This is why you don't want to buy from a pet shop or cat mill. Understand that all big breeders aren't cat mills and some have good reputations and lovely cats.

Make sure the kittens are handled daily, socialized, and treated as an individual and not a product to be sold.

Don't buy from a breeder is not going to sell kittens too early (6 weeks is too early!). Each breeder has their own standard of when a kitten is ready to go, but TICA does recommend 12 weeks with 2 vaccines. Savannahs need the socialization of their siblings to become a well rounded pet.

Do they have to eat a special food?

They need to eat a good premium cat food, raw or whole prey. Everybody has an opinion on diet but Savannahs don't have to eat something different from any other cat. I recommend a variety which includes dry, canned, raw or whole prey which can be purchased frozen. Noone wants to eat the same thing everyday so why would your cat?

Are Savannahs hypoallergenic?

Although some Savannahs do not cause an allergic reaction in some people, they are NOT hypoallergenic.

I will not always have what you are looking for but I can recommend other breeders that I would trust and recommend, or if you have more questions. Please feel free to email.

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